Upcoming Events

#resilience2020: 6th International Symposium on Resilience Research

September 23-24, 2020, Mainz, Germany
The venue is close to Frankfurt Airport. Details here.

As always, the meeting covers latest developments and breakthroughs in stress resilience research, both in animal models and in human studies. One focus this year will be the question of potential positive effects of adversity, strengths that individuals might develop under stress, inoculation, mastery, self-efficacy, …

Confirmed speakers so far:
Amparo Acker-Palmer, Frankfurt
Richard Bryant, UNSW Sydney
Willem Frankenhuis, Radboud University Nijmegen
Catherine Hartley, NYU
Thomas Larrieu, Lausanne
David Lyons, Stanford
Anthony Mancini, Pace University
Crystal Park, U Conn
Scott Russo, Mount Sinai
Michele Wessa, Mainz

Organizers: intresa, Leibniz Institute of Resilience Research (, DFG Collaborative Research Center CRC1193 “Neurobiology of Resilience” (, EU Horizon2020 project DynaMORE (“Dynamic MOdelling of REsilience;

3rd Donders Summer School on Stress & Cognition

July 6-10, 2020, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Details will follow.

While addressing topics of stress broadly and featuring great number of world-class lecturers, one entire day of the school will be dedicated to resilience.

Speakers for that day are:
David Lyons, Stanford
Anne-Laura van Harmelen, Cambridge
Karin Roelofs, Donders
Henrik Walter, Charité Berlin

Organizers: Donders Institute at Radboud University (, Radboud University Medical Center (, intresa, Leibniz Institute of Resilience Research (, EU Horizon2020 project DynaMORE (“Dynamic MOdelling of REsilience;, and the Dutch and Swiss stress researcher networks (;